Back to Basics – Fokus på hästhållning utifrån hästens naturliga beteende och behov

Stefania Bucca: Manuskript

Assessing the mare for breeding: the warning signs we would like to ignore (ej med på Sånga-Säby pga tidsbrist!)

Doppler velocimetry parameters of the equine pregnancy: practical applications of a new tool

Fetal gender determination in early and advanced gestation: more than just a genital tubercle

Management strategies for the high risk pregnancy

Placental pathology: where does it all start?

Treatment and management of cervical incompetence in the pregnant and non-pregnant mare

Ultrasound evaluation of the equine pregnancy and identification of the “high risk pregnancy”

Stefania Bucca: Artiklar med fotografier

How to Determine Fetal Gender in Early and Advanced Gestation

How to Assess the Equine Pregnancy by Ultrasonography

How to Manage Cervical Incompetence by Application of Cervical Cerclage Suture in the Pregnant Mare

Peter Daels: Power Point

Problems during pregnancy

Parturition in the mare

Care of the postpartum mare

Induction of lactation and adoption of the orphan foal

Kerstin Darenius: Power Point

Praktiska åtgärder för god hygien på seminstationer 2016, föreläsning av Kerstin Darenius.

Johan Hellander: Power Point

Ljusprogram för lösdrift, föreläsning av Johan Hellander.

Lena Malmgren: Power Point

Virus och vaccination på seminstationen, föreläsning av Lena Malmgren.

Denis Necchi: Power Point

Assisted Reproductive Technique: Embryo Transfer

Assisted Reproductive Technique: Ovum Pick Up and ICSI

Embryo collection, technique and evaluation of the factors affecting the recovery rate

Görel Nyman: Power Point

Embryotransferverksamhet på Lövsta seminstation


Back to Basics – fokus på hästhållning utifrån hästens naturliga beteende & behov

Margareta Bendroth

Betesväxter till häst – olika arters smaklighet och produktion

Naturbetesmarker – en resurs i vår hästhållning

Sammanfattning Vallkonferens 2017

Dominik Burger

Cycle-specific female preferences for visual and non-visual cues in the horse

Effects of ground semen collection on weight bearing on hindquarters, libido, and semen parameters in stallions

Ejaculate Characteristics Depend on Social Environment in the Horse

Exposure to stallion accelerates the onset of mares’ cyclicity

Female major histocompatibility complex type affects male testosterone levels and sperm number in the horse

High interindividual and intraindividual variation of oxytocin secretion in estrous mares exposed to stallions, but no significant link to mate preferences

MHC-correlated preferences in diestrous female horses

Major histocompatibility complex-linked social signalling affects female fertility

Pattern of social interactions after group integration: A possibility to keep stallions in group

Quality of seminal fluids varies with type of stimulus at ejaculation

Stallion semen quality depends on major histocompatibility complex matching to teaser mare

The Potential Effects of Social Interactions on Reproductive Efficiency of Stallions

The Swiss National Stud Farm – from yesterday to today


Kerstin Darenius

Endofyter och reproduktionsproblem

Svampgifter i vallgräs och reproduktionsproblem hos häst


Johan Hellander

Dräktighet och dräktighetsresultat

Lösdrifter för olika kategorier hästar

Utvärdering och diskussion kring årets transportspermaverksamhet


Sue McDonnell

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Behavior Problem: Ovaries or Not?

Preventing and Rehabilitating Common Healthcare Procedure Aversions

Low-stress, Low-fear Equine Patient Handling

My Equine Behavior Bucket List: 10 Important Concepts of Horse Behavior with Everyday Relevance to Horse Owners and Veterinarians

Practical review of self-mutilation in horses

Understanding and Implementing Principles of Learning in the Equine Veterinary Practice


Cecilia Müller

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